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Christ Together has completed our 2019 webinar series entitled “City Talks”. Partnering with some of the brightest thought-leaders and practitioners, our intent this year was to help spark conversations, generate ideas, and ultimately accelerate you in the effort of saturating your city with the Gospel. We hosted 6 total events and were so encouraged to have over 750 leaders taking part in season 1.

As 2020 approaches we have already begun to line up some great hosts that we can’t wait to surprise you with. City Talks Season 2 will feature 4 conversations (held once per quarter) and will continue the format from Season 1 (practical discoveries/learnings followed by fielding live questions from you). 

As always it is our hope to provide content that is useful, encouraging, and engaging. As we continue to utilize this online platform, feel free to reach out to us with ideas and recommendations for the future. You can always reach us at

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If you loved the conversations from Season 1, we invite you to go ahead and register for our up coming season! Please fill out the information requested in the form, and you will receive notice that we have reserved your spot.

Upcoming sessions will be led by:

  • March 2020 – TBA
  • May 2020 – TBA
  • September 2020 – TBA
  • November 2020 – TBA

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