Imagine the church of your city working together to reach your city with the Gospel

You get a proven method to work with other churches in your city.

Since 2012, we’ve helped the Church in over 100 cities come together to reach every man, woman, and child in their city. While many of the churches in these cities might not agree on everything, they’ve all found common agreement in Jesus and know it’ll take all of them working together to reach their city with his Gospel.

Here’s what that looks like:

A Shared Vision

Working together starts with rallying around a shared vision with a common purpose.

We provide common language, convictions, and measurable outcomes so everyone is starting from the same place with the same goals.

This shared vision provides a biblical “Operating System” and unites the churches in your city for Christ’s mission in the world.

A Shared Table

Once everyone is centered around a shared vision, we help you create intentional environments to work with other churches of your city. This shared table helps each of you to contend for one another’s highest possible good and reach everyone in your city.

But you don’t have to build the table alone.

At Christ Together, we are always available to provide healthy support so you can faithfully lead Christ’s Church in a way that produces maximum Kingdom fruit.

Shared Tools

A shared table needs more than just a place to sit. To help foster conversations and deepen relationships, we provide you shared resources so you can cast vision to your individual churches, train your people, and coach your church to become a citywide disciple-making movement.

And because we’ve done this before in so many other cities – you’re not having to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

Our shared toolbox provides simple and sustainable tracks for intentional conversations and shared learning around the necessary priorities for gospel saturation.

Shared Responsibility

As pastors, we know how hard it is to lead a church and how heavy the burden can be.

Working together with other churches in your city allows you to own the lostness of your city together instead of shouldering that weight by yourself.

This shared responsibility allows you to be encouraged by others who have walked in your shoes while also providing Gospel-centered accountability to the mission at hand.

Together we discover effective practices for disciple-making, measure spiritual formation, and assess the Church’s impact to see the gospel saturate our circles of accountability.

We help you convene and envision the church of your city to reach your city.

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story

Let’s change the narrative together so that:

Everyone would know someone whose life is being changed by Jesus.

Ministry wouldn’t be so lonely.

A more complete picture of the body of Christ would be on display.

People would be drawn to Jesus because of the collective witness of the Church.

Christ Together helped us mine out hard data on the missional behaviors of our people. As a result we adopted a more focused approach in our discipleship efforts and our people more engaged in reaching our city.

Jeff Shipman, Mission Columbia & Lead Pastor, Columbia Crossroads

By pooling people, leaders and resources, and sharing a common vision bigger than our individual churches, we have seen 17 churches planted in our region in the last four years and are on target to reach our goal of 51 churches by year end 2021.

Jerry Gillis, Church of Western New York & Lead Pastor, The Chapel

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story
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