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We are churches committed to mobilizing and multiplying the church for the gospel saturation of our Circles Of Accountability. We are committed to collaborating with other like-minded churches regionally to accomplish the shared vision to consistently demonstrate and communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man, woman and child. Learn more about how you can join the movement below.

What to expect fromChrist Together

Our desire is to be more than a group of like-minded churches or just another network to join. We desire to be a relationally-driven collective of churches and leaders, unified as one Church, and committed to the mission of demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, and child in North America and beyond.

This vision for gospel saturation necessitates covenantal relationships that are willing to stay in the conversation and be intentional about making space for this priority. Our desire is to be a network of churches that shares what the Father has given us to change the face of lostness in our cities and in your city.

At Christ Together we:

Share Our Vision

We provide common language, convictions, and measurable outcomes for the Gospel Saturation of North America and beyond. This provides an biblical “Operating System” that rises from God’s Word and unites all Jesus’ Church for His mission in the world.

Share Our Table

We foster intentional environments, a common table, with mission serving as the center piece. As like-minded laborers, we contend for one another’s highest possible good. We make ourselves available to provide the healthy support and challenge of God’s call to faithfully lead His Church for maximum Kingdom fruit.

Share Our Tools

We seek to align leaders for mission with shared resources for envisioning, training, and coaching to unify the Church for a citywide disciple-making movement. These tools provide simple and sustainable tracks for intentional conversations and shared learning around the necessary priorities for gospel saturation.

Share Our Responsibility

We own the lostness of our communities and cities together and hold one another accountable to seeing the Church mobilized for Jesus’ mission in the world. Together we discover effective practices for disciple-making, measure spiritual formation and assess the Church’s impact to see the gospel saturate our circles of accountability.

For more information on what it looks like for your church to partner with Christ Together, complete the form below.

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