We help the church in your city come together to reach every man, woman, and child.

One church can’t reach an entire city.

That’s not the job of a church – it’s the job of the Church.

Here’s the unfortunate truth:

We are currently experiencing the greatest decline in the Church in the history of North America. As pastors, we know you want to change that narrative and reach your city with the Gospel of Jesus.

But you can’t do it alone.

We help you convene and envision the Church of your city to reach your city.

Churches should be collaborating, not competing.

For us to do our job as the Church, it’s going to take the individual churches of each city aligning themselves for a shared vision.

You’ve likely tried to collaborate with other churches and it didn’t go the way you thought it should. It might not feel like it’s worth it to even try again. Sadly, even though there’s only one Church in your city, you often end up competing with other churches much more often than collaborating with them.

As pastors, we get that frustration. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story
Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story

Imagine the church of your city working together to reach your city.

Everyone would know someone whose life is being changed by Jesus.

Ministry wouldn’t be so lonely.

A more complete picture of the body of Christ would be on display.

People would be drawn to Jesus because of the collective witness of the Church.

We are helping churches in over 100 cities discover a collective vision for Gospel Saturation.

Collaborating is hard.

Here’s how we help:

A proven method to work with other churches in your region

Coaching and training tailored to your city

Shared learning and accountability with other pastors from other cities

Encouragement and support from like-minded pastors in your own community

Resources to scale what you learn to other places

Take the next steps to reach your city

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story
Step 1

Set up a Call

On a discovery call we will begin to show you how to bring the Church of your city together around a shared vision.

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story
Step 2

Convene the Church

We will help you host a gathering of like-minded churches in your region.

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story
Step 3

Change your city

Together with the churches in your city, you’ll develop a plan to reach your region with the Gospel.

Through the support, coaching, and resources of Christ Together, our area churches and church leaders have been able to collaborate and co-labor together to spread the Gospel. The Primer and the Accelerator are serving as a common language or framework by which our diverse and growing partnership of churches can better understand and be understood by one another.

Sam Kim, Intercultural Mission Church

Christ Together has been a catalyst in our city for helping break down the walls that typically divide churches. This growing unity has led to unprecedented collaboration around the vision of Gospel Saturation as more leaders and churches own the lostness of our city. Through ongoing partnership and coaching, Christ Together has helped us craft a five-year strategic plan contextualized to our city.

Charles N. Fernandez, Multiplication & Leader Development Pastor, Redemption Hill Church

Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Our Story
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Let’s change the narrative in your city so that everyone would know someone who’s life is being changed by Jesus.

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