Reaching Every Man, Woman, and Child in the Northeast Region

In a mix of world cities from New York to Boston and Philadelphia, the Northeast region is constantly changing. With a population nearing 56 million, the Northeast is the second most urban region with 85 percent of its population residing within an urban area. The combination of world cities, and a large population makes the Northeast region a tough spot for Gospel Saturation. Five of the ten churchless cities are found in the Northeast, making Christ Together’s work all the more important here. We are committed to collaborating together to see The Church mobilized and every man, woman and child given an opportunity to see, hear and respond to the gospel. Activity is developing across the region, and while it may range in strategy the heartbeat remains the same – Gospel Saturation of the Northeast.

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Gospel Saturation at Work Bobby Warrenburg

Our desire as churches on the North Shore of Boston is to see an extraordinary work of God’s Spirit that results in thousands of people meeting Christ, growing as disciples, and serving in Gospel-centered churches. We live in one of the least reached counties in the U.S., where it’s estimated that less than 3% of our friends have a real, meaningful, and biblical faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that God wants to see the gospel grow in the areas where we live, learn, work, and play. So we’re collaborating together for the promotion of prayer, leadership development, and starting & strengthening churches. And we’re doing this as part of the wider movement of Christ Together.

After receiving coaching and working through the Gospel Primer, we were convinced that realignment to God’s priorities has to begin in our own homes and churches. We believe that we can’t commend to others what we don’t cherish ourselves. So many of us church leaders have begun to welcome neighbors into our homes, meet in libraries to pray, begin a foster-care initiative, disciple others on an intentional basis, and put the priories of the kingdom over our own agendas and tribes. This has been a heart-searching process. And paradigm shifts take time. But Christ Together has offered the friendship, coaching, and materials necessary to help us develop a common vision and language for serving the gospel in on the North Shore.

So let us encourage you, as those who still have a long way to go ourselves, to ask the difficult and uncomfortable questions of your churches and place of ministry—  Is the advance of God’s kingdom more important to you than the numerical success of your church? Are you actively collaborating with other churches in areas where you can work better together than separately? Do you have a plan for making disciples in your church who are multiplying their faith in the lives of others? Are people in your communities having more and more opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel of Jesus? Is the percentage of lostness decreasing or increasing where you live? These are tough questions. We are so imperfect, and there is only one Perfect King. But in Christ we can do more together than we can separately.

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Christ Together | Church Partner Network | Northeast Region

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Christ Together is an envisioning and convening voice for the Gospel Saturation of North America. We work to unify the Church in reaching every man, woman, and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Connect with us so we can explore this vision in your city together.

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