Reaching Every Man, Woman, and Child in the North Region

In 2014, Plant Alaska was established with a mission to make disciples and plant churches across Alaska and beyond. In 2017, we joined in partnership with Christ Together compelled by the vision to reach every man, woman and child. With a state population of over 730,000, only 6 to 8 percent of Alaskans claim any kind of religious affiliation. Those claiming a saving faith in Jesus Christ are only 3 to 5 percent. Starting as a collective of 12 churches, we are joining efforts to saturate our geography with the Good News by partnering with churches, networks, and and denominations in the north region to multiply disciples, leaders, and new churches.

Our region also extends into Calgary, Alberta Canada where The Church is beginning to strategically partner to establish a Gospel presence in every Calgary neighborhood. Also, we have our sights set on expanding this vision into White Horse, Yukon and Edmonton, Alberta as we seek to give every man, woman, and child access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Gospel Saturation at Work Mike Rydman

After years of asking the question “Are we really making disciples of Jesus?,” I found myself guilty of prioritizing organizational programs and methods over purpose. We had plenty of “apps” at our disposal, but we didn’t have a true “operating system.” When I finally realized that local churches are each uniquely positioned in specific places to express the Gospel to the people in that same specific place, I realized we needed a drastic course correct.

Christ Together gave us a new operating system, and a Gospel mission now localized. The goal of every man, woman, and child having repeated opportunities to see, hear, and experience the Gospel has changed how we see the Church in our Alaskan cities. In this, we’ve also recognized that no one church in any city can win that city for Jesus alone. Gospel Saturation in any locale can’t happen unless like-minded, local churches are enthusiastically willing to unify around the mission of God.

With recognition of lostness comes ownership and responsibility for Gospel Saturation. It’s entirely too easy to think globally while ignoring the lost people in our own neighborhoods. Our Alaskan churches are now seeing many new churches being initiated, but these new churches aren’t keeping pace with the growing levels of lostness in our cities, as well as throughout North America.

In Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, there are 20 different churches who have made the concerted effort to unify around the need for a tangible response to the lostness in their city. These churches are expressing this new unity by gathering regularly for several combined worship, prayer, and service events each year. They’re also working together to support and encourage five new church plants in Anchorage. As relational trust is being forged between these churches, the next vital step will be for them to own the lostness in their specific neighborhoods and encourage each church’s efforts in giving every man, woman, and child repeated opportunities to hear, see, and respond to the good news of Jesus the Savior.

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Christ Together | Church Partner Network | North Region

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Christ Together is an envisioning and convening voice for the Gospel Saturation of North America. We work to unify the Church in reaching every man, woman, and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Connect with us so we can explore this vision in your city together.

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