Reaching Every Man, Woman, and Child in the Midwest Region

The Midwest region of the United States is home to more than 69 Million people and 103 Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Approximately 13% – 16% of the population claim no religious affiliation whatsoever. While 63% say they believe in God only 22% participate in any kind of prayer or Bible study on a weekly basis and 48% say they seldom or never read scripture. We are committed to collaborating together to see the “Church” mobilized and our geographies saturated with the gospel. The unity of the church is vital to Christ’s mission. More and more we are seeing churches and leaders coming together to work towards the mission of God. The strategies may look different across the region, but the heartbeat to work together to make disciples, plant churches, and transform cities is the same throughout.

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Christ Together is an envisioning and convening voice for the Gospel Saturation of North America. We work to unify the Church in reaching every man, woman, and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Connect with us so we can explore this vision in your city together.

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