Christ Together Webinar Series

Christ Together is excited to announce our 2019 webinar series entitled City Talks. Partnering with some of the brightest thought-leaders and practitioners, our intent is to help spark conversations, generate ideas, and ultimately accelerate leaders in their efforts to saturate their cities with the Gospel. We will be hosting 6 total events this year, and we hope you will join the conversation!

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Registration and sign up for our October Webinar series is now open. Please fill out the information requested below and receive an invitation link for the meeting. Note space is limited.

This upcoming session will be led by:

Mike Sharrow

CEO / President of The C12 Group

Russ Holt

National Delivery Team, Christ Together

What: Episode 5: Mobilizing Your Best and Brightest Marketplace Leaders

When: October 3rd, 2:00pm-3:00pm (EST)

Where: Register now to reserve your spot and receive an event link via email!

Join the Conversation:

How to mobilize your best and brightest marketplace leaders!

Unlocking the conversation for pastors and ministry leaders for how to engage, utilize, and empower business leaders. As the North American churches seeks to advance we believe this is a missing piece and want to provide helpful insight to bridge the gap.

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